Early Learning and Enrichment

My name is Vikki Phelps and I am the Administrator and owner of The New Albany Academy.  I am dedicated to providing my students with the loving caring support I provide my own children.  I am an Ohio licensed teacher graduating with my BS and MS in Education.  I have been teaching for 10 years as well as raising 2 children.  I have a 9th grader attending The Columbus Academy and a 6th grader attending Marburn Academy.  Meeting my 2 children's unique needs and finding the right schools to support them has been my driving force in starting The New Albany Academy.   Please let me know how we can help support your family.  Thank You!
Our mission is to not only educate students but provide support to families on an individualized basis.  Every family and every child is different, and these differences are embraced at The New Albany Academy.  We know the demands that are placed on executive families.  Balancing a demanding career as well as raising successful children can be a challenge.  We would like to create a partnership to success.  Accommodating executive lifestyles is our number one priority.  We would like our families to have it all, successful careers as well as children that thrive in an educationally enriching environment .   

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​​The New Albany Academy is an educationally based early learning and enrichment center located in New Albany, Ohio .  This school is unique in the fact that it has an individualized approach and is dedicated to meeting the needs of professional families.  Our program is flexible yet contains the consistent, structured environment that young children need in order to feel safe and secure.  We are highly individualized, family focused partners aiding and contributing to your success.   

Our philosophy is simple and clear.  We wrap the curriculum around the child instead of forcing the child to fit the curriculum.  Every student is different and approaches situations differently.  Finding success in the early years is essential to building lifelong learners.  Allowing children to grow and develop in a happy, healthy environment is crucial to building a strong foundation for education.  Our goal is to partner with families to provide an individualized approach to early childhood education.  We will provide not only education but assistance in meeting each family's unique needs.  Together we will move forward.